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Here is some information about the main characters of the comic

Antony l'ibrido
Antony l'ibrido

Character Sheet: Antony White

Name: Antony White

Date of Birth:  June 14 1989 

Species: hybrid. 

Role in the story: Protagonist


Biography: Antony is a young anthropomorphic Australian  boy born with a genetic condition called   "hybridity."

He is very friendly, optimistic and downright hyperactive in everything he does; for this often gets into trouble. Tends to be very dramatic.


Its most unique feature is that of being constantly targeted by fascinating girls. About the nature of his beauty, it is not uncommon to see him being chased by attractive women, willing to do anything to get an appointment with him. But if the other boys consider this a fortune ... to Antony, by contrast, is a real curse.

The boy in fact proof hatred and disgust for the kind of women who spend hours and hours to make their appearance perfect  and attractive; the only type that can affect him is just the opposite, namely the classic girl "SOAP and water". 

With these claims, friends and family are wondering if he can ever find a girlfriend ...


Antony has a great passion for motorcycles and Rock-Metal music, he loves the crunchy food and hates those gummy. 

He suffer from claustrophobia.


Tania l'umana
Tania l'umana

Character sheet: Tania Larizza

Name: Tania Larizza

Date of birth  - 30 Novembre 1991

Species: human

Role in the story: protagonist




Tania is an energetic girl, a common characteristic of the inhabitants of Calabria.

She gave great importance to her roots and traditions, to the point that give her inspiration to become an archaeologist. Looks like a shy and insecure person ... it's actually very exuberant, crowds and more destructive than dynamite.


Tania define herself an ordinary person, as well as uninteresting. She is surprise that a guy like Antony may have taken a fancy to her, as for the fact of beauty but for the diversity of species. Despite his gentle ways, the excess of zeal of the hybrid frightens her to the point of run off.

Knowing her personality, the best friends are amazed that she hasn't already reacted to kick him out.


He loves reading Japanese comics and watch supernatural or comedy sitcom, she goes crazy about the meat and doesn't like to eat dried fruit.

When it comes to games, video games and amusement park, she tends to lose control.

She has a strong phobia of reptiles.