Secondary character

This section is dedicated to all those characters who appear throughout the comic, more or less frequently, but are not relevant to the story.

La narratrice
La narratrice


Name: Gaia

Species: Monkey



This nice primate with thick blond hair is the guide that appears in the comic for the readers.

It must be admitted that more than telling, her role is more like a  as commentator, saw that often sets off to judge the characters ' situations.

Her role is primarily to describe the place where the story is unfolding, particular habits of the two characters.


It is rumored she have a gigantic cousin.

i due amici
i due amici


Name: Piero(left) and Luigi(right) 

Species: human and bear


Biography: Antony's best friend since high school. These two guys are probably the only ones whom know right well the problem of Antony with girls. Of course everyone has different opinions about.


Piero is very outgoing, while Luigi compared is quieter.